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AdWords Set-Up and Management for Carpet Cleaning Pros

google-adwords-for-carpet-cleaning-businessesAre You Ready To Get That Phone Ringing?

We can help make that happen within hours with Google AdWords!

Advertising on Google, through the Google AdWords platform, is by far the most effective form of marketing for carpet cleaning professionals.  It’s the most cost-effective and highest-converting form of advertising that exists.

It works, and that’s exactly why Google is one of the most successful companies on the planet.

But the key to AdWords success and using your budget effectively, is to make sure that you’ve set up and are running your AdWords campaigns correctly and effeciently.

AdWords is very easy to get started with, but most carpet cleaning businesses can benefit tremendously by getting some help from an AdWords expert (from inside the carpet cleaning industry) to help with the set up and even manage their AdWords campaigns.

There are a lot of AdWords agencies and self proclaimed gurus you could solicit help from, but odds are they don’t know diddly about the carpet cleaning business.

That’s where we come in.

We have years of experience using AdWords to generate new customers every day for our own carpet cleaning businesses. Along the way, we’ve made every mistake in the book and invested thousands upon thousands of dollars on our own accounts.

adwords-certified-specialistBut after years of trial and testing, we’ve taken the time get the education and certification directly through Google to learn how to do it right.  What a difference that has made.  Our AdWords campaigns generate more business than ever at a drastically reduced cost.  And we can help you do the same!

We create great AdWords campaigns specifically for carpet cleaners.  

Our AdWords set up and management services can help you achieve your marketing goals and get you the highest possible return on your investment (ROI). In other words, get that phone ringing and generate new, profitable business – and make it happen now!

Let our industry focused PPC AdWord’s experts help your carpet cleaning business save and make money with Adwords.

AdWords Set Up & Management: Only $297 Set Up (Normally $397) and only $197 mo. for continued professional management


Just 7 Steps To Success With Adwords

1. Schedule your free AdWords performance evaluation.

2. Be at a computer at the time you schedule and we’ll set up a screen share so you can see what we see.

3. We’ll  perform a thorough audit of your campaigns.

4. We’ll identify wasted ad spend, your most valuable keywords, quality scores, etc.

5. We’ll show you the search queries searchers are typing into Google that trigger your ads.

6. If you like what you see and learn, let’s talk about working together.

7. Whatever your decision, our recommendations are yours with no obligation — a $150 value!

Want To Learn More About AdWords For Carpet Cleaners?

Evaluations are 100% Confidental

Call Us with any Questions!

 Phone: (800) 354-4220 ext. 7
Hours: 8am-6pm (CT)

Days: Monday-Friday

AdWords Service Offerings & Pricing

If you need a new AdWords account, we will build you a new account from the ground up.  And if you have an existing AdWords account we will audit and optimize your existing campaigns. Once the work is completed, we’ll spend about an hour going through the account together and getting you fully acquainted with your new set up along with some pointers on how to monitor your KPI’s (key performance indicators). From that point forward, the account will be completely under your control.  You can schedule additional consultations at your discretion for $75 per hour.

Ongoing AdWords management is our core service and where most carpet cleaners can get the most benefit.  We can manage your AdWords account on a monthy, ongoing basis.  We will provide daily monitoring, weekly optimizations, and monthly reporting.  We will take care of your AdWords account so you can focus on your business.  Your account always belongs to you and you pay Google directly and separately for your advertising.  There is no contract and you are free to cancel our service and take over your account at any time.

We’ll design and publish a new fully optimized AdWords landing page to help get the best possible quality score and more importantly, help you generate new business when a prospective customer clicks any of your ads.  We recommend a separate and unique page for each service you offer that you want to promote with Adwords.

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