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Carpet Cleaning Websites



Base Price:  $399 set up and $49 per month.  (includes free domain, webmaster services, hosting, maintenance, security updates and scheduled backups)

Pro Website
Pro Website
Premium custom designed Wordpress (fully responsive) website. Automatically adjust to any screen size for mobile, tablets, laptops and desktops. Includes up to 20 pages, initial content, graphics, 3 contact/lead generation forms, blog and easy to use content management system. No Contract. Cancel anytime after 12 months.
Price: $1799 with $49 monthly hosting
(upon receipt of your order, we’ll contact you to get the details needed to produce and publish your new web site.  Please allow up to 10 business days for completion. Websites come with basic pre-written content. Customer must provide all specialty and unique content.)

Your website isn’t something you setup one time and then forget about.  Updating your website can attract new customers and help with your search engine rankings.  Show your customers you’ve got your ducks in a row with a fresh design that shows your company is on top of things.  Here are to top 5 reasons to update your site:

  1. First Impressions are Crucial:
    These days most people research companies online before conducting business with them. Whether that consists of checking out your menu or reviewing the specs of the products you sell – chances are they’re seeing your website (and your competitors) first.  Nothing screams “behind the times” on the Internet like a stale website design.  After all, if your site is out-of-date what does that say about your business?  Be sure to impress them with an eye-catching, easy-to-use website.
  2. Staying Competitive:
    It’s important to make sure your online presence is better than (or at least equal to) the competition. Potential customers are researching multiple companies online to choose where they’ll do business.   Give them useful information they can quickly find to make their decision easy.
  3. Diverse Presence and Availability:
    Customers are now viewing your website on platforms other than PC’s, so make sure it’s mobile-friendly.  They’re also spreading information through a variety of social channels, so it’s important to provide easy ways to share your content.
  4. Your Evolving Business:
    You’ve probably started selling new products or offering different services since your website launched.  Potential customers may hear that you have a new service, but if it’s not on your website they may never call.  Make sure you are giving correct and relevant information.
  5. Your Site, Your Control:
    Stop paying for basic updates to your website that takes days to implement.  A content management system can be utilized that allows you to update your content when and how you want using simple, easy-to-use forms.  Search engines are drawn to new content, and they assign better rankings to sites that keep things fluid and current.


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