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Strong Customer Referrals:

We recognize that the hardest thing about starting a new business is having to deal with surprises and costly errors.

Whether you purchase a single product from us or a complete business package, you’re never alone!

With over 20 years of down in the trenches carpet cleaning business experience, we’re here to help! We’ll help you avoid costly mistakes and provide you with a rock solid marketing strategy tailored to your specific budget and demographic.The greatest thing about what we do here at Strong Dry Carpet Cleaning Systems, is having the privilege to see our clients grow & prosper in this business and in their plans for their future.

Our Philosophy
We started this company based on the idea of helping people start, maintain, maximize their own carpet cleaning company. Our objective is to continue to seek out the best products, systems, and materials to keep our clients on the forefront of the industry with cutting edge products and services and to help our customers become the “Go To” carpet cleaner in their area.

We work closely with all our customers here at Strong, and during that process we have met many wonderful folks along the way.

We look forward to meeting you as we continue to be of service for years to come.

We would like to thank each and every one of you for your support, your continued patronage, and kind words.


Best Regards,

Kelly Love & Michael Price

Strong Dry Carpet Cleaning Systems


Many of our customers have offered to share there experiences with us… here is what they had to say!

Advanced Dry Carpet Cleaning

 Big thank you to Strong Carpet Cleaning Systems. Prior to two months ago I had never really vacuumed let alone cleaned a carpet! Now after 5 weeks of being up and running I feel like a carpet cleaning pro and confident to walk into any situation.  I can’t think of any small business you can start for the small investment required for this one and be making money in the first month. Plus have anywhere near the growth potential. I’ve done over 20 jobs in the first five weeks and I’ve done very little advertising. The small investment, low overhead and low product cost is a recipe for success. Kelly and Michael got me up and running with everything I needed to be successful and I’m confident I will be.  

Kyle G

Advanced Dry Carpet Cleaning

Fast Dry Carpet Cleaning

I can’t say enough good things about Kelly Love, Michael Price, and Strong Carpet cleaning Systems. I had previously owned a franchise in another industry for a number of years, and had the opportunity to sell it.  After playing a lot of golf and getting bored I decided it was time to start another business, and I stumbled across the Strong Carpet Cleaning website. It was the best thing that could have happened to me.

I spent a lot of time on the phone with Kelly and he was very patient with me.  I decided I needed to see this system in person and flew out to spend some time with Kelly and his crew learning how to clean carpets.  Long story short I bought one of their packages and started building my business up.  Both Kelly and Michael have been extremely helpful and are more than willing to answer any questions I may have.  They provide as much and in some ways more support than I received from the franchise I previously owned.  My customers are thrilled with how clean I can get their carpets and are amazed that they are virtually dry when I’m done.

I’m more than happy to help anyone out who may have any questions about partnering with Strong Carpet Cleaning Systems.  Thanks Kelly and Michael!

Thank you,

Todd Lynch

FASTDRY Carpet Cleaning

3H Group Hotels Marriott

“We were having our rooms cleaned quarterly by a truck mount carpet extractor. We had to wait 6 hours before renting our rooms because of wetness. The rooms also smelled musty with the excess wetness. With the Strong Dry Carpet Cleaning System our rooms are cleaned in a matter of minutes by our own staff and can be rented immediately. The smell is fresh and clean. It is so simple anyone can use. Plus the savings paid for the system in less than a year. I highly recommend the System.”

Bob Dollinger – Director of Operations

3H Group Hotels Marriott


Action Carpet Cleaning

Hi my name is Larry Roy Owner of Action Carpet Cleaning. I have been in the carpet cleaning industry for over 30 yrs with several certifications including my certification as a master cleaner and master restoration tech over those 30 yrs. I have seen many changes and have built several successful businesses.

I have bought several marketing programs and have read countless books and magazines on the best way to promote your business with a professional image with the intent to do top quality work for a good price. While there is some good information out there for marketing and business, I’ve been mostly disappointed with the quality of available marketing materials. Add to that now the presence of the Internet and those so called professional websites.

We also have to compete with the image of the large franchises who can come in and scoop up most of your work overnight . The question was and is how do we present a professional image – a franchise type image; have a consistent look and feel to our program; including a web site, marketing collateral and a marketing program that will give you a competitive edge?

Well, I stumbled on a site quite by accident in my search on the web and found Strong Carpet Cleaning Systems.

I liked what I saw and read about the company, the business and marketing and sales program that I saw was different. So I called and I spoke with Kelly and Michael. They were both very helpful, knowledgeable and seemed genuinely interested in my situation. They sent more information regarding their marketing pieces, their web site design services and marketing programs.

That was it for me. I knew that this was for real. I have never seen anything so professional and attention getting as what they have produced along with a marketing program that is up to date, unique and effective.

Michael designed a logo for me that is amazing, and has designed a web site that is very, very impressive and effective. Michael and Kelly have produced marketing materials, business cards, gift coupons, post cards and a flyers that no one else in this industry has come even close to. They also have marketing programs that when followed can produce amazing results.

Kelly is very experienced at SEO and can have your site(s ) ranking high on Google and other search engines.

Kelly and Michael are very professional and are truly interested in improving the industry. They are always available to talk to if you need assistance and are a wealth of information . I have found them to be completely honest and trustworthy in my business relationship with them.

The prices for their programs are excellent – I would say that you had better get them to do your marketing materials, website, and SEO now before the demand forces them to raise their prices.

I highly recommend Strong to anyone who is interested in building a business with a professional image

L.R Action Carpet Cleaning

Hains Dry Carpet Cleaning

Kelly Love & Michael Price of the STRONG Corp are amazing!!! My husband researched a business to start to supplement his income as our youngest son has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. We researched dozens of businesses specific to the cleaning industry.  We stumbled upon STRONG and we have never looked back.  We began the process many months ago and Kelly & Michael have been there for us at every stage. They assisted with financing the equipment so we could get the machine in hand right away. They helped answer any questions we had about marketing  and social media. Their guidance & expertise on launching this business has been fantastic. I have been in medical marketing for 22 years and am proud to have found a company that shares our values and our family vision. Kelly & Michael’s support and enthusiasm is unmatched! I truly can’t say enough about how pleased we are to have found STRONG.  My husband, Gordon, officially started Hains Dry Carpet Cleaning, LLC on April 1, 2014. We have customers already on our calendar, thanks to Kelly & Michael’s guidance! Here’s to many years of working together.
Gordon & Perlita Hains
Lebanon, PA

Downtown Lending Group

Hello my name is Deanna Shimboff, owner of Downtown Lending Group, Vacaville, CA. Prior to using Strong’s Web services, I was virtually non-existant in the online world. Since I have obtained Strong’s web services, I have a very strong presence online, infact I went from no listing, to the #1 organic and an A google places local listing very quickly. I am very satisfied with the services that they have provided me, very much so that I will continue to use their services so as long as I am in business.. Strong’s Web services are not like your typical SEO providers, and I have tried a few with no results..Strong is less talk and OUTSTANDING results!!! Thanks Guys appreciate your hard work, Business is Booming!

Deanna Shimboff

Deanna Shimboff
Downtown Lending Group

Minute Dry Carpet Cleaning

“I became interested in starting a dry carpet cleaning business in January 2012. After speaking to several distributors of counter-rotating brush machines and dry cleaning compound, I believed in the process and felt I would have an advantage over the wet extraction companies in my area. I was unsure of how to put the whole thing together from the technical side to cleaning and marketing my new business. I happened to find Kelly at Strong Dry and began asking allot of questions. He not only sold me machines and chemicals, but he plugged me into his marketing system. He had everything handled from a website to business cards and promotional material. He not only got me up to speed on how to clean,he totally kick started the calls coming in. He has always been available to answer every question I had and gave me the confidence to do this business. After a short time with him it became very obvious he has a passion not only for the dry cleaning system he developed, but for helping others succeed. My business has really taken off !”

Mike Fournier
Minute Dry Carpet Cleaning

Green Solutions

“I just wanted to take a few minutes and give you my thoughts about the Strong Dry Carpet Cleaning System. I contacted Kelly Love about this system as I was investigating all types of carpet cleaning systems. I looked at truck mount steam extraction systems, foam shampoo systems, and various brush systems. I am guessing I actually researched this far more than was even necessary. I just wanted to make sure that I could start this business and give the customers the best value for their dollar and still make a buck at the same time with as few problems as possible. So after all my efforts in the research area I decided on the Strong Dry Carpet Cleaning System with Kelly Love and Michael Price. I bought the package that included the carpet machine, cleaning supplies, marketing materials, and web site. To make a long story a bit shorter everything has gone great. The machine works awesome, it cleans, is easy to use, and I have had no mechanical problems whatsoever. The cleaning supplies are excellent, I was skeptical at first because all carpet cleaners claim to have the best stuff but these guys really do. I have heard so many times from customers ” I can’t believe you got that stain out” or ” The last 2 cleaners didn’t get that stain out” after cleaning a few carpets now I am very confident in my products. The marketing material and web site are 2nd to none. Kelly and Mike really know what they are doing when it comes to making your business look professional and how to draw the customers in. I have had many compliments on my website, which gives me a great feeling that I made the right decision by going with Strong Dry Carpet Cleaning System. The effectiveness of the website is un-measurable in my opinion, it just adds that extra “IT” factor that is needed to be successful in this day and age. From the day I ordered the Strong Dry Carpet Cleaning System I was amazed at how fast and reliable Kelly and Mike are. They were both very diligent in getting my site up and getting all the products and materials to me. Whenever I had any issues (small ones like misspellings on the site or questions) they were quick to respond. By following the program Kelly and Michael laid out for me I have been successful from day 1 and continue to get better and better at this. They both are always there to answer my questions and give me the support that I have needed as I learn the carpet cleaning business. By following the game plan they have put together my 1st month I did $9,780 in total revenue. I am now into my 2nd month and am on pace to do around 20% better. By continuing this pace (which has really not been that tough) I will be ready to set up and add my next van in about 45 days. If there is another business that can grow this fast by just “working” I would be surprised. Also having 100% of my investment back and money in my pocket after the 1st month is amazing. Any questions feel free to contact me anytime.”

Wade Martin
Date: March 24, 2012 4:41:08 PM PDT


Crossroads Dry Carpet

“Hello, my name is Jon Nichols and I am the owner and operator of Crossroads Dry Carpet Cleaning. I operate in South Texas and I am still young in this business. I opened my doors and cleaning business in July of 2011. I first met Kelly via phone after viewing the Brush & Clean video on the internet. I had emailed the sales department and played phone tag with that department and when we finally talked on the phone; I was given Kelly’s phone number at Strong Dry Carpet Systems. Kelly and I talked several times on the phone and when it was all said and done…He had introduced me to Michael Price of Amarillo Dry Carpet. Michael discussed his back ground and what led him into his venture of Dry Carpet Cleaning in Amarillo, Texas. Finally, during my last conference call with Kelly and Michael it came down to me making the decision; however, I am a touch and feel kind of guy. So, I took a flight to Amarillo and worked with Michael for two days. I thought about what I had seen, listened to Michael and learned what I could in those two days. When I arrived back at home I told my wife that this cleaning machine and products do everything that they (Kelly and Michael) told me that it would do. Not many things out there measure up to the claims that are made…

Okay, since July of 2011, I have had hundreds of jobs to date, and I can honestly say that every one of my customers have been “Wowed” by the process of Dry Carpet Cleaning. This year I participated in the Home Builders Association Product Show this past March. It was my first product show to participate in and I had put together a demo floor and showcased my cleaning process. On the first day, entry was by ticket only. Who walked in was a local competitor with his wife. Now I had not met this man before and he had no idea that I was in business and what my process was even about. Through discussion I asked him if he would like to see the process and the end results. After the demo I invited he and his wife to feel the carpet and and note the dry, soft and great smell of the carpet. The wife bent down to then turn to her husband and say, “I really like this!”

I have found both Kelly and Michael full of knowledge and forthcoming with assistance. I look forward in meeting Kelly in the future to cement our friendship. If you are looking for something to do and are tired of punching someone else’s time clock…you might want to think about this process. Now, I will tell you it is not easy. It can be physical work and you need to have that detail eye to insure that you are delivering the product that you have sold to the customer. I invite anyone that has that desire to give one or all of us a call to discuss The Strong Dry Carpet Cleaning Business System Anytime…

Thank you for your time!”

John Nichols

Crossroads Dry Carpet Cleaning



Go Dri Carpet Cleaning

Dear Kelly,

“I just wanted to say thank you for the great opportunity you
have provide us in the Dry Carpet Cleaning business. As you know we spent 6
months reviewing different techniques in 6 different states and now after a
year in business we know we made the right decision with Strong Dry Carpet
Cleaning system. Our customers are overwhelmed with the cleaning procedure
and not to mention how floored they are with their carpets being dry before
we leave. We would also like to thank you for the continuous support you
have provided us over the year, our business has exploded. I strongly
recommend your carpet cleaning system and would more than welcome talking
with anyone interested in making a lot of money in this business, just
wished I would have done this a long time ago.”


Doug Watson
Go Dri Carpet Cleaning
Knoxville, Tn.


Carolina Dry Carpet

“My name is Lesa (Owner of Carolina Dry Carpet Cleaning), and I want to thank the STRONG Dry Carpet Systems team for helping me start and get my Carpet Cleaning business up and running. This team of professionals provided me with all the information and training that I needed to succeed in the carpet cleaning business. They went above and beyond helping me with marketing materials, website design and training manuals.

Kelly Love and Michael Price are always willing to take time out of their busy day to answer any questions that I may have or share tips that will help me with my business. I am so glad that I have this STRONG Dry Carpet Cleaning Team standing behind me every step of the way in my business.”

Lesa P. Clendenin
Carolina Dry Carpet Cleaning


Knox Dry Carpet

“We spent 7 months researching every type of carpet cleaning method for commercial and residential application before choosing the method you offer from Strong Dry. We are elated to tell you that six months into our business we know the BEST choice for Knox Dry Carpet Cleaning was using your equipment, cleaning solutions and following your steps to success.

We have built up a great referral list including Marriott Courtyards, La Quinta Inns, Churches, funeral homes, jewelry stores and other commercial accounts. Our residential clients are very pleased with our results. We are also proud to represent a property manager for over 100 homes in an exclusive lake rental residential area near Knoxville, Tennessee.

Please feel free to have any future clients that are looking at Strong Dry contact me by e-mail or phone.”

Roger Heldreth
Knox Dry Carpet Cleaning


Ernest Conrado

Hola mi nombre es Ernesto inaguramos nuestra compania de carpet cleaning hace unos meses, por lo cual Strong Carpet Cleaning nos asistió paso a paso con todas las preguntas y dudas que teniamos al empezar. Todos los productos y químicos …


Doll Bros

We received our shipment a few weeks ago, the tandem bar was awesome. We blew out a commercial cleaning job in 1/2 the time. Thank you;


EnviroClean Air, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

“It has been over two months since we switched from the Host Dry Cleaning method to strong Dry. Having used the Host method for over seven years, I was not sure if any other company could surpass the results I obtained from the Host equipment and sponges. Yet,when I saw your demo in Tennessee, I was convinced it was worth a try. My first “seeing is believing” personal experience came in a home with 20 year old, gold, sculptured carpet, that appeared to have never been cleaned. It had a long, black, heavily matted traffic area. I compared the Host machine and Host product to the Strong machine, sponges and Bonanza cleaner. I then tried the Host machine with your products and the results still did not compare. This proved both your machine and product were superior to Host. Since the first phenomenal result I have continued to see my work quality go up, because of the Strong equipment and compound. It has refueled our passion to spread the message of cleaning carpets with the most healthy and effective way we know! Thanks for all your help in taking my business up to the next level.”

Charles Bishop

EnviroClean Air, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning



 Harrah’s Reno

“My hotel recently began using the Strong dry clean system. We are very pleased with the results that we get using these machines.The carpets are dry upon completion of the cleaning process. This eliminates “drying time” and increases staff productivity. The green rated chemicals are safe, non toxic and environmentally friendly. The system is effective. Our carpets are very clean, sanitary and pleasant smelling. Also, because we no water is used, the carpets stay cleaner for longer periods of time and carpet replacement is reduced.I would recommend this system to anyone that is interested in improving the appearance of their carpet, increasing productivity and lengthening the life span of their carpet!”
Casey Gawronski

Harrah’s Reno

Hotel Services Manager


Brite Life Carpet Cleaning

“I would like to thank you for both your professionalism and knowledge in helping me with the purchase of the TM-4 machine and encapsulation F1000. As someone who cleaned with hot water extraction, I can say that my customers are very impressed with the appearance of their carpets. So far every customer I have cleaned has insisted on taking my business cards for referrals which is very much appreciated! My last job was an office building and I performed the dry extraction on the traffic areas. When I checked in with the office manager the next day, she said that the carpets have not looked that good in years. I cleaned her home last Saturday. I would not hesitate to recommend your products to anyone. Thank you!”
Sam Negron

Brite Life Carpet Cleaning



The Jefferson Club

“I think the system has advantages over conventional carpet cleaning. The Natural Cleaners, Pleasant Odor and Reduced Water are big pluses. The system also “Livens” up the carpet”


Galt House Hotel & Suites

“Amazing”, “We just had our hallways cleaned with a truck mount. The Natural Strong Dry Cleaning system with the use of enzymes truly restored the carpets and pulled out dirt from deep down that the truck mount cleaners couldn’t”


Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

“The dry cleaning system brings the natural color back in the carpets, and the carpets are not soaked. Much better than our truck mount method.”


Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

Truly remarkable system, carpets that were selected to be replaced, came out looking better than I ever remember them. “Thank you”


3H Group Hotels

“We were having our rooms cleaned quarterly by a truck mount carpet extractor. We had to wait 6 hours before renting our rooms because of wetness. The rooms also smelled musty with the excess wetness. With Brush & Clean our rooms are cleaned in a matter of minutes by our own staff and can be rented immediately. The smell is fresh and clean. It is so simple anyone can use. Plus the savings paid for the system in less than a year. I highly recommend the Natural Clean System.”

Bob Dollinger – Director of Operations

3H Group Hotels



Elite Dry Carpet Care

“I would like to take a chance to thank Strong Dry Carpet Systems on my recent order I received. I placed an order for pre-spray,TM4 brush and cleaning compound.I’m very pleased with my shipment. The TM4 is a professional machine made with very good craftsmanship.The Cleaning compound is very good as well (No strong smell) a natural clean smell. I also would like to thank Chris for his information and time.”


Elite Dry Carpet Care

North Carolina


Maid To Order

“Kudos! On a great product, fast service, and for Chris. He was so helpful and informative. I was a little nervous about incorporating Brush and Clean into my own Maid business, but he made me feel there was no way I could loose. He was right! The customers love this product. Since I started using Brush and Clean, one of my clients said there was a difference in her daughters’ behavior. She had more energy and was doing better in school. She suffers from Asthma, and since I’ve been cleaning their area rugs with your products it has helped her significantly. It feels good to have been a part of that. I didn’t believe it would have such an impact. I am really impressed!!! Keep doing what you are doing. We need more companies like yours! Please give Chris my best, and the recognition he deserves.”

Olivia Francis
Maid To Order

Austin, TX


Easy Boat Products

“This is really great! Thank you so much for all your professional and straight forward help. Strong Dry is truly professional and provide top notch products. We received all our products within your proposed time (all in one piece) and look forward in a long lasting business relationship with your company. Your dry cleaning machinery is the best and most affordable in the market we know of and we love to continue using it. 2 thumbs up.”


Easy Boat Products

Clearwater, FL


Cleanse Inc.

“Thank you very much for your assistance with this order. I don’t know if Bob emailed you yet, but we received our shipment in under 7 days (it arrived around 9:30am yesterday 8/4/04) and we are very happy with the package. It came promptly, it came in one piece, and we got several sets of brushes for the machine. Even if Bob did already say this, I want to say it myself, this is very pleasing. I am sure Strong will be hearing from us again when we are in need of supplies!”


Cleanse Inc.



Perfection Plus Cleaning

“I recently had a Host Rep. at my home to demonstrate their equipment and product. I vacuumed my carpets slowly for around 20 mins before he started his demo, he also vacuumed with his Host machine for another 10 mins. After vacuuming, he put the Host compound on my carpet, and continued to vacuum it out with his machine. When he was finished, he showed me the compound, hair, and carpet fuzz that he had extracted from my carpets. After he showed me that, I took my CRB machine, and went behind his Host machine, to compare the two. When I finished, I showed him that both of my collector trays on my machine were full of the Host compound, hair, and carpet fuzz. When I did this, he became very angry, and called me a liar. He asked me if I put the dirt he pulled out with his machine, into my trays. I told him no, and dumped my trays, rinsed them with water, and filled the bottoms of the trays with the Host compound and carpet fuzz a second time. He was then very impressed, and decided to follow me to an appointment with a customer to see the machine work more. I told him I use the new Strong Dry Carpet machine. He left me a lot of the Host compound to use, and literature to read.”

James Vowels

Perfection Plus Cleaning


Didjeridoo Inn Mendocino

“We have used both the dry cleaning systems and Strong’s online marketing systems both have been extremely successful to our business, They really helped us with our branding and our floors look great!”

Charles B



Malibu Paradise Plumbing

“The Strong online seo program completely changed our company! Before we started the program you couldn’t even find our company online, but Kelly and his team put me on page one in the number 2 position in just a few months. My phone rings constantly with a steady stream of new customers now, I even have to turn down work sometimes because we are booked solid!”

Jody Kern

Malibu Paradise Plumbing


Cigarettes 4 Discount

“The online marketing from strong has doubled my stores traffic. I am the areas number one retailer for electronic cigarettes solely from the Strong website marketing system I bought”


Sammy C

Cigarettes 4 Discount


Hadley’s ProClean

“We spent hundreds of dollars and countless hours of time to get business off the internet, it never yielded any revenue at all. In fact it was difficult for us to find us leave alone anyone else! The guys at Strong Dry got our new site up and running with and online marketing strategy that has been driving money and revenue in daily”

Jim Hadley


Big Bear Carpet Cleaning

“The guys at Strong had me come to there facility in California and trained for 4 days after purchasing package 1. I was confident after leaving I knew what I needed to do when I got home. I have always worked for other people for an hourly wage, I can’t tell you how cool it was, walking out of my first paying carpet cleaning job from my Strong Website! I was inside maybe an hour and had earned over $200 dollars, and it really occurred to me, I had made in 1 hour, what it would normally take in 2 days of hard labor. Thank you guys, for completely changing my financial situation basically in a month!”

Ian Odom


Rick Hinds

I purchased a Strong carpet cleaner and cleaning chemicals about 2 months ago. Since then I have cleaned several residential carpets. I am very pleased with this product. The compact, light, easy to use machine does a remarkable job on problem wear patterns, and unidentified spots and splatters., leaving a fresh, clean smell. The counter-rotating brushes are an added bonus for the finished products visual appearance. I live in the Pacific Northwest, the VLM system allows me to clean without the problems associated with steam type cleaners. I have recommended this product to several area professionals.






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