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Customer Review Accelerator

positive-reviews-build-authorityGet more online reviews, customer feedback, and testimonials with ease with our Review Accelerator & Reputation Builder
Asking for reviews can be awkward. The Strong Review Accelerator automates the entire process. Enter a customer into the system, then watch as the Review Accelerator gathers feedback, reviews, and online testimonials for you. It’s that simple.

Take control of your reputation.
Control your online reputation instead of waiting for a negative review to appear. Review Accelerator screens less than ideal feedback and prevents it from turning into a negative online review. The system filters based on a satisfaction selection and only shows the online review links to happy customers.

Target review sites that have an impact.
Send customers to review sites that matter to your business. Choose between pre-selected review sites and link to places where your customers are most active. We are adding industry-related review sites all the time.

Reviews Help Your Business Stand Out Online & Convey Trust

Positive online reviews will help your business stand out from the crowd. Review Accelerator helps you get more positive reviews, which will improve your rankings and get your business noticed.

Reviews Can Increase Business And Provide Valuable Feedback.

Listening to your customers and clients is a great way to grow your business. Asking for reviews helps you gather valuable feedback such as your best selling points, or identify areas you may need to improve.

Negative Reviews Can Hurt Your Business Unless Addressed Promptly.

Even an undeserving review can damage your online reputation or turn away business unless you act. With many other service providers to choose from, there is simply no room for bad reviews.

How Review Accelerator Works

Step 1: Add a Customer

Adding a customer is as simple as entering their name, email address and date of service. The system takes care of the rest and  automatically sends the customer an email.  You can easily do this from your mobile phone immediately after completing a job.  It only takes about 30 seconds!


Step 2:  Email is automatically sent to your customer

Your new customer receives a friendly email thanking them for their service and asking them to take a couple of minutes and leave a quick review.


Step 3:  Customer clicks the “Review Our Service” link in the email.

The customer is taken to a new mobile friendly screen asking them to indicate whether they had a “Good Experience” or a “Not So Good” experience.


Step 4:  Based on their selection, they are taken either to an internal feedback form or to a review link page.

Happy customers that select the green (Good Experience) icon are directed to your pre-selected online profiles to leave a positive review.

Unhappy customers that select the red (Not Good Experience) are directed to an internal feedback form, allowing you to address problems directly, and decreasing the chances of a negative review ever being posted online.


Step 5:  A follow up email is automatically sent each six months.

This insures your customer will never forget about your service.  The email is enticing to most existing customer since it has a special offer exclusive to existing customers.  This is an example only.  Your follow up email can be edited to meet your needs.


Customer Review Accelerator
Customer Review Accelerator
This is the complete Customer Review Accelerator System. This can be installed on your existing website or on a sub-domain we provide for you. Includes mobile responsive entry pages, internal feedback form, online review link page, pre-written emails and autoresponder service. Service is provided on a month to month basis. No contracts. You can cancel at any time.
Price: $197 set up then $19 monthly
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