start a carpet cleaning business
start a carpet cleaning business
start a carpet cleaning business crb machines
Start a Carpet Cleaning Business!


Welcome to Strong Carpet Cleaning Systems, complete one stop shopping for your professional carpet cleaning business. We offer the best in equipment, products, and complete business marketing systems for starting and operating your carpet cleaning business.
You’re in the Right Place, We’re here to help! Whether you’re a carpet cleaning pro or just getting started, you can get virtually everything you need in one place to ramp up your business. We offer the industry’s top equipment, chemical, franchise quality marketing materials, your business web site, training, support and more. Essentially, everything you would expect to get if you purchased a franchise – but much better – No Contracts, No Royalties and No Restrictions!

Start a Carpet Cleaning Business Today!

We recognize that the hardest thing about starting a new business is having to deal with surprises and costly errors.

Whether you purchase a single product from us or a complete business package, you’re never alone!

With over 20 years of down in the trenches carpet cleaning business experience, we’re here to help! We’ll help you avoid costly mistakes and provide you with a rock solid marketing strategy tailored to your specific budget and demographic.The greatest thing about what we do here at Strong Dry Carpet Cleaning Systems, is having the privilege to see our clients grow & prosper in this business and in their plans for their future.

Our Philosophy
We started this company based on the idea of helping people start, maintain, maximize their own carpet cleaning company. Our objective is to continue to seek out the best products, systems, and materials to keep our clients on the forefront of the industry with cutting edge products and services and to help our customers become the “Go To” carpet cleaner in their area.

We work closely with all our customers here at Strong, and during that process we have met many wonderful folks along the way.

We look forward to meeting you as we continue to be of service for years to come.

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We offer complete carpet cleaning business start-up packages and dry carpet cleaning systems to add to your existing business as well. Everything you need for your carpet cleaning business. 

Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business

You are not alone. Every month of every year thousands of people make the choice to go into business for themselves. Everyone has their own reason. Many feel there’s no security in their current job. Some feel they are not being fairly compensated for their hard work. Others realize that the only way achieve financial independence and realize their dreams is to go into business for themselves. Whatever your reason, we’re glad you’ve made the choice to start your own business. We’re excited for you! We’re here to help.

We are living in a fast-paced service oriented society and the home services industry is booming. We believe that starting a professional carpet cleaning business is the best home services business to be in regardless of the economy. As Americans work and play harder than ever, it’s becoming more and more common for various home tasks to be outsourced. People simply don’t have time to clean their own carpet, take care of their lawns, and fix a multitude of other problems that might arise in their homes. This has stimulated a major demand in the professional carpet cleaning industry. In fact, our industry has grown over 1000% in the past few years to make professional carpet cleaning one of the top service businesses in the country.

A special note if you’re new to the carpet cleaning industry – We’ve packed everything we could into our products, equipment, websites and marketing systems that will help you get started quickly and efficiently and our basic approach is from the assumption that you don’t know anything about this business. So even if you haven’t yet purchased a single item to use in your business, don’t be concerned about what you don’t know — you’re in the right place. Our site is packed with educational materials to help you in your business success.

Sincerely Kelly Love

Founder / Owner

start a carpet cleaning business