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We’ve Got Your Back!

With so many choices in this industry, we’d like to help you minimize your investment, simplify your processes and increase your profits with our proven equipment, products and marketing assets.

With over 20 years of “down-in-the-trenches” carpet cleaning experience, we’re here to help!

Whether you’re an established pro, or brand new to the business, we think you’ll like what you will discover and learn here.

We provide tons of free information on everything from getting the phone to ring, to managing, expanding and even selling your business.

And if you’re looking for franchise quality marketing materials and websites without having to buy a franchise, sign a contract or pay royalty fees, you’re definitely in the right place!

At Strong, we have what you need and we have one objective… to help you win in the carpet cleaning business!

So what does winning in the carpet cleaning business really mean?

To us it means building a business that supports your lifestyle, your financial goals and your family. It means doing the hard work now so you can reap the rewards for years and years to come. It means creating a vehicle that can create wealth. It means to break the chains of a 9-5 lifestyle, and create your own schedule and have the time to enjoy the things in life that you like when you want to. It means not missing important events because someone else makes your work schedule for you. It means unlocking your true financial abilities, with unlimited possibilities and avenues to succeed. When you own a successful business it is the key to a certain kind of freedom. The kind of freedom that lets you decide how much you can earn,  Freedom to make time for a special family event, kids practices, a round a golf with old friends in the middle of a work day. Whatever the case may be, you can live life more on your terms, rather than someone else’s  terms. Start Your Own Carpet Cleaning Business Today, and take control of your Freedom!


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This website is a place where you can connect with and learn from like-minded professional business owners, that are building businesses that matter. Businesses that win! So whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the industry, we provide the tools, knowledge products, experience and information to help you maximize your profits and dominate your market with an Eco-friendly successful local business.

Here’s What We Offer…

Strong Dry Carpet Cleaning Systems, LLC. is the exclusive manufacturer direct distributor of the Strong BULLY PRO 15 VLM Dry Carpet Cleaning Machines (CRB’s), Eco-friendly carpet cleaning products including Strong Dry Zone, Strong TKO, TKO PLUS, Strong Spot and Stain Remover, Strong Tile and Grout Cleaner and Strong Extreme Knock Out. All Strong Products are Certified Green, CRI Approved, Safe for Wool, and Indoor Air Quality Certified. We Have Several Exclusive Manufacturer Direct Purchasing Contracts, to ensure our clients and members are always getting the best possible pricing on all the best products we offer. But providing the Best Quality Green cleaning products available for carpet cleaners at great prices, is not where we stop! Actually that’s just where we get started!

Strong Carpet Cleaning Systems | Dedicated Coaching
Behind every sale is a comprehensive support system designed to help launch new carpet cleaning business start-ups, as well as veteran carpet cleaners looking to update and enhance their product offerings and marketing strategies.

We have developed what we believe is one of the most lucrative “turn-key” business opportunities in the market today. The great news is we are not a franchise but we provide virtually everything and anything a quality franchise system offers but with no strings attached, including royalty or franchise fees of any kind. You can get started in the industry for a fraction of the cost of buying a franchise, and get much much more!

Strong Carpet Cleaning Systems | Member Support
We’re here to support our customers and help them in every way possible to develop and grow a successful carpet cleaning business. Our customers own and operate their own businesses without any obligation whatsoever to use any of our services. Think of us as your consulting, marketing, equipment and product supplier. With over 20 years of “down in the trenches” dry carpet cleaning experience, we’re here to help build successful businesses Nationwide from the ground up. Everything You Need, All In One Place!

Kelly Love
strong dry carpet cleaning systemsKelly is a veteran of the carpet cleaning industry. He starting out as a carpet installer in 1989 and after a couple of years of knee crunching work, he quickly moved into carpet cleaning. Kelly has extensive experience in truck mount steam cleaning and portable hot water extraction cleaning. As a carpet installer he saw first hand the mold, dirt and grime in the pad and sub-floor hat hot water extraction (steam cleaning) and over-wetting carpets can cause. He knew there had to be a better way. In 1993 he implemented a dry “organic” cleaning process into his business and has never looked back. Kelly has also been a consultant to many U.S. companies specializing in Emergent Marketing, Customer Service, Technical Training, Online Advertising and Specialty Manufacturing.

In addition to Kelly’s current position as Managing Partner of Strong Dry Carpet Cleaning Systems LLC, He owns and operates a super successful multiple truck carpet cleaning business, Love’s Dry Carpet Cleaning based in Vacaville, CA and serves other cities within 60 miles of his home base.Kelly also own a marketing company catering to the music industry, Love’s Enterprises. Designing custom marketing materials for Top National Touring Artists in several genres of music.

Kelly has also studied SEO (search engine optimization) for almost a decade, ranking businesses in top Google placement for organic and local page 1 results. As an active member of the SEO community Kelly is current with all the cutting edge white hat techniques to get your phone ringing quickly with real business driving results.

Kelly’s 23 plus years of experience in operating a dry carpet cleaning company has made him a true expert in this field. When it comes to cleaning carpet, it’s safe to say that there’s very little if anything he hasn’t seen. With thousands of very satisfied customers served, Kelly knows what it takes to get the job done right the first time and please even the most demanding customers.

Kelly has a wealth of information and experience and is always ready and willing to share his knowledge with anyone just starting out in the business or even experienced pro’s (like himself) looking to enhance their current business.


Michael Price
strong carpet cleaning systemsMichael has over 25 years experience in business development, marketing systems and and franchise consulting. Since 1988 his specialty has been working with emerging companies and helping them expand their business through marketing and franchising. Over the years he’s helped develop some of the industries most successful franchise concepts, including Curves (gyms for women), but in consulting with more than 200 national franchise companies, he has also seen first hand the down-side to owning and operating a franchise from a franchisee’s perspective. Michael is an never ending wealth of business start ups and business system development.

His interest in the carpet cleaning industry was peaked when he was introduced to the 1-800-DryCarpet franchise in 2005. As he recalls… “they had a good carpet cleaning system, one that addressed the #1 complaint against carpet cleaning companies – wet carpets. ” But at that time, the company was just preparing to offer franchises and had yet to bring in their first franchisee. Michael agreed to assist in the marketing of the franchise and brought in 14 new franchise operators within 6 months. It was during this time Michael and Kelly met working on a project together.

In 2010 Michael started his own dry carpet cleaning business in Amarillo, Texas. In his own words, “as a franchise consultant I was always on the look out for a high-demand concept offering a valued based service that I would want to own and operate myself. I knew that a dry carpet cleaning service met this criteria. But knowing what I know about franchising, the last thing I wanted was a franchise. Why? Huge upfront fees, royalty fees, marketing restrictions, confined territory, product use requirements, and other rules and limitations, just to name a few, never made any sense to me.” Following Kelly’s grassroots style marketing systems and method of dry carpet cleaning, he started Amarillo Dry Carpet Cleaning. In less than a year, Michael developed a hugely successful independent dry carpet cleaning company that has operated profitably from day one. Strong was created as a result in 2010.

As a partner in Strong, Michael brings to the table is his vast experience in business systems, marketing, AdWords expertise (he’s a Certified Google AdWords Specialists), administration and just like Kelly, he’ll always go the extra mile to help anyone with their business challenges and find solid realistic solutions. Michael is what they call in Texas “The Sharpest Tool In The Shed”, and his experience and knowledge is what gives Strong’s marketing systems the Cutting Edge Advantage!


 “Our mission is simply to provide the best equipment, products, coaching, services and resources available, to help individuals looking to start and operate a successful dry carpet cleaning business, and do so with the lowest investment and highest possible return.”


Providing Resources For Carpet Cleaning Professionals!

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