How To Professionally Dry Clean Carpets.

Dry carpet cleaning is typically prescribed annually, semi annually, or quarterly depending on the traffic levels of the home or office. This is when you perform the most intensive cleaning to get the carpet as clean as possible. Normally more soil is present so you must perform multiple steps to get the carpet clean. For this scenario, we would use both Extreme Knockout encapsulating pre spray followed by DryZone or ProZone compound.  Ideally, a maintenance program of your design offers interim cleanings in between the deep cleaning procedures to help keep carpets looking their best year round.

Our system is certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) and included on their list of approved deep cleaning systems.  This is important to note simply because major carpet manufacturers require being certified by CRI for use on their carpets. Technically, if you are not listed, you could void a carpet manufacturers warranty by using an unapproved method or system on your clients carpet.

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STEP 1carpet cleaning equipment for sale
Prior to chemical application, vacuuming can extract almost 75-80% of the overall soil in the carpet. This step also lifts the pile and prepares the fibers for chemical application.

Vacuum carpet in multiple directions throughout entire area to be cleaned without cleaning agents applied.  For best results, vacuum using a north-south/east-west or zig-zag pattern.  Pay special attention to traffic lanes.

Step 2
After dry soil removal, lightly mist Extreme Knockout solution onto all soiled areas. Spray just enough to moisten the fibers, do not soak.

For traffic lanes and spots, apply a little heavier.

Avoid applying to an area beyond 150-200sf.  The area of cleaning must remain moist for best results

Step 3
Apply compound onto the pre sprayed carpet.  Only apply to the areas previously pre sprayed.

Use a handful of compound per 10-20 sf of carpet.

Apply a little more on heavily soiled areas such as traffic lanes and lighter in less soiled areas.  No compound is needed on clean areas of the carpet, such as under furniture, corners and next to walls..

Avoid applying to an area beyond 150-200sf.  The compound must remain moist for best results.

Step 4
Attach dust covers to front and rear of machine.  This keeps the chemistry on the carpet and baseboards. (No Renovators)

Brush areas in multiple directions. Ideally a N-S/E-W or Zig Zag pattern for best results.

Brush all areas to be cleaned until desired result is achieved.

Step 5
Remove dust covers and attach Renovator catch trays.

Brush all areas again to remove the compound.

As the Renovator catch trays become full, you will notice reduced pick up of the compound. Empty trays as needed.

For corners and crevices, use a vacuum or our corner brush attachment. Some people choose to do a post Vacuuming.

Voila, it’s that easy….

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