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Is A Carpet Cleaning Franchises Right For You?
When you start your own carpet cleaning business, you’re in control over every detail, large and small. With a franchise business, you sign an agreement to follow the rules laid out by the franchiser. (Remember, franchisees don’t “own” their franchise unit: they are awarded a license to use the franchiser’s brand name, operating system, equipment, uniforms, etc. as spelled out in the franchise agreement.)

Why Waste Your Money, on a Carpet Cleaning Franchise Business? The carpet cleaning business is a very rewarding and fulfilling industry to be a part of. The start up cost is minimal compared to the average business, yet there is great potential for a high revenue return.

Not only is it an opportunity to own your own business, when done correctly it is easy to stand out from the crowd and build a super successful business.

The great news is that it doesn’t really take a $40,000-$100,000 carpet cleaning business franchise to do it right, or even close to that much money!

What do you really get that is so valuable from a franchise, that you couldn’t get yourself at a fraction of the cost? Nothing!

Are any of the cleaning systems used by most of these franchises considered hands down the best? No!

Are the marketing systems these expensive franchises use, unique or proven to get results? No!

If you don’t produce enough money to pay your franchise fee’s, can your franchiser revoke your territory from you? Yes!

This has never sounded like the kind of freedom I was seeking as a business owner myself. In fact it just feels like I would be working for someone else all over again.

There is a much better, safer and more rewarding way to get started without committing to buying an overpriced carpet cleaning franchise!

Just Say No! To Purchasing A Carpet Cleaning Franchise!
Many people would love to start their own business, but are often held back by the fear of failure. Rightfully so, there are so many costly mistakes that can be made, that can be the kiss of death for a new business.

Most new business owners are on a limited budget and a couple of wrong moves can really hurt.

Our purpose is to give you step by step instructions how to properly setup and execute tried and true strategies and processes, while avoiding costly mistakes along the way,

Following these tried and true steps and recommendations will help you to avoid costly mistakes and provide clear cut, precise instructions, for every aspect of creating and operating a successful carpet cleaning business, without buying an overpriced franchise!

Let’s be very clear, purchasing one of these costly franchises does not guarantee you will be successful.

In fact many are not successful, and have mortgaged the family home to pay for there over priced failing franchises.

We think this is unnecessary to own and operate a highly successful carpet cleaning business without paying ridiculous amounts of money (your profits) to a franchiser, for what! These systems are very expensive to operate, between maintaining the equipment and buying the allotted amounts of solution from the franchiser, then on top of that you pay a high monthly franchise fees (or a percentage of your revenues), and you have to buy a myriad of other marketing and solutions from the franchiser too, and a lot of them are extremely ineffective and do not work well to begin with!

With under a 60% success rate, how profitable could these franchise marketing strategy’s actually be? Those are not odds that I want to gamble with my family’s future on, especially when I can do it myself for a fraction of the cost.

I know the sound of having everything laid out for you is appealing, but that is really not the case with most franchises anyway. You will still need to market your business in your local market properly to be successful.

Cut the high franchise cost out and start your own carpet cleaning business today with the help of Strong Carpet Cleaning Systems!

Do you think buying a franchise guarantees success? This may change your mind.

Note that the largest carpet cleaning franchise in the U.S. has a 41% loan failure rate as reported by the SBA.

Start A Carpet Cleaning Business Without A Franchise And Save Thousands! See Our Strong Start Up Packages!


See Our Strong Start Up Packages!
The Strong Dry Carpet Cleaning Systems Team is behind you 100% and we are always there to help with technical support and successful strategy planning. Another great aspect of your new business is that as you grow expansion of you business is easy once you learn the formula. Unlike businesses requiring large investments in inventory, hail Mary marketing plans and location costs. With Strong Dry Carpet Cleaning Systems all you need is vehicle, a Strong Equipment Package and a desire and drive to be successful.

If you choose, you can operate your business from your home avoiding high rent overhead and having the opportunity to spend more time around your family or friends. There are many environmental benefits you can take pride is as well. Strong Dry Carpet cleaning systems is a leader in green carpet cleaning technology, always striving to make products that are safer and healthier for people and the world for generations to come.

Strong Dry Carpet Cleaning Systems has developed one of the most lucrative “turn-key” business opportunities in the market today. The great news is we are not a franchise. There are never any royalty or franchise fees of any kind. We want you to own and operate your own business without any obligation whatsoever to use any of our services. You can think of us as your consulting, marketing, equipment and product supplier . With over 20 years of “down in the trenches” dry carpet cleaning experience, we’re here to help with your every need.

To be truly successful in this (or just about anything else for that matter), we believe that passion is mandatory! There must be a fire in your belly. You must have a missionary zeal, along with a relentless pursuit to satisfy your customers, clients and prospects. Your passion has nothing to do with phony smiles, clever phrases or catchy slogans. It’ all about your ability and desire to compete profitably now and for the long term. Passion is burning the midnight oil. It’s going the extra mile. It’s doing the unexpected. Passion is your positive attitude in a world of negativity. It’s finding the extra fuel when you feel like you’re running on empty. It’s an unwillingness to accept second best or “it’s good enough.” Passion, somehow, lets you execute, even when you’re exhausted. Passion confidently pits you against your toughest competitor…you. Passion converts suspects into prospects. Prospects into customers and customers into clients for the lifetime of your business. Passion turns successful business people into superstars in their chosen profession. So we encourage you to enter this industry and begin building your business with all the passion you can muster!

A Service-Oriented Personality a must!

Owning a service business is very different from owning a retail business or working for someone else. Unlike owning a retail store, you can set the hours that your business is open. You may choose to work part time by appointment, Monday through Friday, 9-5, or on the other extreme choose to be on-call 24 hours a day. In any case, owning and operating a professional carpet cleaning business requires an an outgoing, people-oriented personality. Do you enjoy providing a necessary service to others, and making sure your customer is always happy and satisfied? As a professional service provider, your biggest concern is always to satisfy the customer, building long-term relationships with your clients, and have them return to you as a repeat customer. We’ll also be taking you step by step through our recommended processes and systems. Our goal is to provide the information, education and support needed to help you build a highly successful professional “dry” carpet cleaning business that will stand out from the crowd and give you a sustainable competitive edge in your market.As a member of Strong Dry Carpet Cleaning Systems (Purchaser of a complete start up package), you are part of a company and a community of experienced carpet cleaners, dedicated to your success and overall excellence in our industry. We would like to welcome you to the world of Strong Dry Carpet Cleaning Systems, together we can change the way the world cleans their homes, the Safer, Cleaner, Greenest, Healthiest way to make a successful living for you and your family. To learn more of how to start your own carpet cleaning business without buying a franchise go to: Strong Carpet Cleaning Systems Website and Hopefully you’ll view going through this process, working directly with us helping you develop your new business as a prosperous journey and an adventure. We think you’ll find the adventure a good one, and a profitable one! With that being said… Welcome to the industry and let’s get started!

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start a carpet cleaning business