DryZone Dry Cleaning Compound



The compound is composed of soft, organic particles which are loaded with cleaning agents. It works by delivering these cleaning agents into the carpet fibers by “brushing in” with the CRB machine. The CRB brushes distribute the compound throughout the carpet and clean the fibers in the process. As the soil from the fibers become dissolved, the particles then reabsorb it like miniature sponges. Once this “brushing in” is accomplished, you simply “brush out” or remove it by using the CRB with our Renovator catch tray attachments. It’s extremely simple and easy to use.


DRYZONE Dry Carpet Cleaning Compound $69.97 each 20 lb pail. Our compound is fully capable of cleaning filthy carpets and rendering them instantly usable with dry time measured in minutes, not hours. When the job is finished, the used dirty compound can be placed into any trash receptacle or even placed into a compost pile. No special disposal procedures are required.

Listed on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Bio-Preferred list and lab certified to be 99.9% organic, you simply cannot find a more environmentally friendly way to clean carpets. (Compare to Host)

– USDA BioPreferred listed
– works great on reoccurring spots
– neutral ph
– 99% organic
– removes soil attracting residues left behind by other methods
– quickest dry time of any method
– cannot over wet carpets
– minimal training required – anyone can achieve great results
– long shelf life


Additional information

Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 8 in


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